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“I have challenged us as a people to brag about our city, because even though we know it’s an amazing city, we don’t brag about ourselves, so no one knows how great we are.But then, you guessed it: as Minnesotan as I am and as, well, female as I am — and as much as I love bragging about Minneapolis — I have sometimes shied away from pointing out my own accomplishments.”The campaign, she said, “gives me an excuse to tell people everything they got when they voted for me.”She might as well, since her opponents have been happy to point out what they see as her shortcomings, many using some variation of the question Ronald Reagan (sorry DFLers) told voters to ask themselves in 1980: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?Frey has said housing was the reason he studied law and the reason he got into politics, and has called for taking a percentage of the property tax growth and setting it aside for affordable housing projects.He also has been a supporter of building affordable housing citywide.Jacob Frey Lives in: Nicollet Island-East Bank Age: 36Experience: City council member, attorney Endorsed by: AFSCME Council 5, Teamsters Joint Council 32, Stonewall DFL Caucus, Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council When it’s his time to speak at forums and debates, Frey prefers to stand, a way perhaps to better connect with voters or to both display and corral his high energy.A college and professional distance runner, Frey chose to relocate to Minneapolis after graduating from law school.Dehn said he recognized that the breaks he got weren’t available to everyone; that because he was white he got second chances that people of color with similar crimes didn’t get then — and don’t get now.“I had an opportunity to turn my life around,” Dehn said at a forum last week.

“We’ve also had violent crime and how important that is for the neighborhoods.His positions on issues, especially policing and housing, are slightly to the left of the other candidates; he is the only candidate who has refused to rule out attempting to pass rent control in the city.And his call for disarming the police — only sometimes, he clarified, and in certain situations — drew criticism from both moderates and conservatives. While he makes references to shortcomings in the city, he doesn’t aim them at Hodges directly, and he is rarely the target of the other candidates.Hodges often tells forum audiences that she has kept the pledges she made in 2013: to do the basics of government right; to promote growth in the population while maintaining livability and close gaps in outcomes between white people and people of color.“If we don’t get that right, if we don’t make sure that people of color are completely part of building the city of the future, creating the jobs of the future, taking the jobs of the future, we do not have a future,” she said last week. But the voters were ahead of the political pundits because people were thirsty for that conversation.”Raymond Dehn Lives in: Jordan Age: 60Experience: State representative, architect Endorsed by: Our Revolution, Minnesota Nurses Association, Minnesota Young DFLIt is common for political candidates to frame their candidacies around a personal narrative.But Dehn’s political origin story is more compelling than most.

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Hodges seems to have hit a smoother path after forcing Harteau to resign and appointing the city’s first African-American police chief, Medaria Arradondo, in the wake of the Damond shooting.