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She recreates with clarity and compassion the life of a brave woman who could never escape Stalin's sins.

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In 1967 she defected to the West leaving her two children, Joseph 21 and Katya 16, behind.

She wrote to them: "It is impossible to be always a slave." However, even in the free world she was not liberated.

Stalin taped her phone conversations, then had Kapler sent to the Gulag for 10 years for his indiscreet affair.

Confronting Svetlana, he hit her in an uncontrollable rage.

When Svetlana was a child her father showed an uncharacteristic gentleness to his only daughter.

If the Femme Fatale is vying for the hero's romantic attentions she will likely have a sweeter and purer rival.

The hero might decide that she's not worth the trouble she causes, but if he doesn't, then they might become an Outlaw Couple.

Her 31-year-old mother, Nadya, had shot herself in the heart but Svetlana was told she had died of peritonitis.

It was only 10 years later she found out the truth; this knowledge was part of the harsh awakening which made her see her mother as yet another victim of the repressive policies of her father.

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