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Text chat without registrations with sexy lady

She puts on a shoe with a heel that's the closest match to her leg cast then she checks herself out including her exposed casted toes.

She goes to the window to see what its like outside and then picks up her crutches to go outside.

Before leaving Dorotie gets up and checks out her newly polished toes against her other shoe, and wiggling them she looks pleased.

She talks about her broken foot and The pedicurist takes pity on her and in addition to finding a color that goes better with her one good shoe she also finds a greasy lotion that will provide some protection against the cold outside.

Her toes are so long and pretty they don't need separators between them as they are polished until the manicurist gets to her smaller toes and puts some tissues between them.

Then she rubs in teh soothing lotion and gives the poor girls toes and exposed sole a good long massage before she gimps out.

============================================================= OUR LATEST CLIP: Stella LLC What Can a Casted Dominatrix Do?

with Foot Play and Cast Talk in HD Dominatrix Stella Liberty is stuck in a full leg cast for a few weeks but she's got so many worshipers she knows she'll do alright.

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Worse yet the legs are permanently spread apart revealing her privates. The nurse comes in to check her vitals and that the neck brace is placed appropriately.