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Clint cites this, and clever marketing as being two of the big reasons for why people are signing up for group fitness in their droves.'In some cases they are designed to motivate people and keep them on the right path way by putting them in front of studios that might promote a certain type of training,' he explained.'Generally, when people join these types of studios, they join with more than one person. But he noted the big benefit of strength training is managing the onset of osteoporosis, and increasing bone density.

'You can't open a fitness magazine without seeing a Fitbit, or Garmin or Polar Heart rate monitor,' he explained. In her classes, she teaches aspiring mermaids breathing techniques, underwater modelling and safety skills.Here, FEMAIL takes a look at the trends tipped to be big in 2018 with the help of strength and conditioning coach, Clint Hill.From high intensity interval training (HIIT) to training with the help of your own body weight and 'mermaiding', there's something for everyone.Clint said one of the most significant reasons HIIT has gained a huge amount of popularity it that as people have less time, they are looking for ways to exercise more effectively.'Some of the research shows that people have less time available to them, so they are looking for the best way to utlilise their time,' he told FEMAIL.'While it's not the only method, it's one the people are trying to fit into their daily life and trying to get some benefit from it.' Training with others is a proven way to ensure you're likely to stay accountable. He explained the training method brings together elements of gymnastics and a cross fit style workout.And, if you sign up for fitness classes with a friend or partner, chances are you're unlikely to renege, especially if it means letting someone down. 'People who see fitness professionals doing it look incredibly lean and very muscular and have an athletic physique.'What happens when people see that is they want to do those movements because they think they will give you those results that those athletes have.''Gymnastics, body weight and calisthenics are a great way to incorporate the outdoors into your workout.'Since time began exercise like body weight have been the bench mark of fitness.'While strength training sits at number five as a trend predicted for the coming year, Clint said as far as fitness training goes, it's his number one.'It's such an important of keeping our body in a really good physical, psychological and physiological state that will improve the over all sense of well being.

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