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"The layers near the top," she says, "are the easiest to pick up." Extroversion may be the most obvious of personality traits, but there are some researchers who think that other, more internal traits can also be visible.Frank Bernieri, Ph D, a social psychologist at Oregon State University, agrees that extroversion is the most easily visible trait.Later, judges watched the extensive videotapes and rated each subject's extroversion, based on the amount of time he or she spent talking, the number of arm movements and other factors.Again, the strangers' first-impression ratings of extroversion strongly correlated with people's rated levels of ext level extroversion as seen on the videotape."That's just not where the field was at the time." In his study, which appeared in the (Vol. 3), Kenny divided more than 250 students in a psychology class into groups of four.After making sure none of the group members knew each other and had not had a chance to talk, the students rated all members of their group, including themselves, on five factors that each represented a personality trait.Am an average size lady 26yrs, well educated, humble, intelligent, hardworking, loving and caring My hobbies are cooking, reading novels, watching movies, singing Am 5'7 tall lightskinned, black hair, average size and AM alight skinned lady, educated, single never been married, humble, hardworking, loving and caring I was born in a family of six children one boy and five girls, am the fourth about my hobbies I like playing netball, I am black in color, medium in compresion and honest, I like adventures and photography I am a verage in height with black hair and some bold hair part A genuine woman, single either with kids or not but ready for Am an easy outgoing person I love being happy and having fun I like traveling, going to the beach, getting to know new things, like music Am 22 single never married and grew up from Uganda I like my eyes and slim body I am tall intelligent man am henry I spend much of my time on work, l travel alota lot on weekend days, l like visiting friends I am 6. I want that special partner who can be my best friend in life and ready to love me as his wife. I like going to the beach visiting new places listening to music..

Overall, the studies have indicated that people are good at sensing a stranger's level of extroversion or sociability.The factors were sociable (representing extroversion), good-natured (representing agreeableness), responsible (representing conscientiousness), calm (representing emotional stability) and intellectual (representing culture).Again, as in the Norman and Goldberg study, the strangers' first impressions of each other correlated significantly with self-ratings for the traits "extroversion" and "conscientiousness." Self-ratings, however, don't necessarily provide accurate descriptions of everyone's personality.For the past several years, bars and restaurants around the country have been hosting a new type of dating ritual.At events organized by companies like Hurry Date and 8Minute Dating, dozens of eligible singles meet up for a round of lightning-quick "dates"--sometimes as short as three minutes each--with 10 or 20 other people.

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