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His 'money performances' involved setting fire to bundles of money from the audience in order to make drawings with the ashes.In 1982, the work "Het is theater zoals te verwachten en te voorzien was" (This is Theatre like it was to be expected and foreseen) placed a virtual bomb under the seat of the theatre establishment of the day.This theatre and dance solo was retaken in 2010 by the Greek performer Artemis Stavridi. Having performed in « As long as the world needs a warrior's soul » (2000) and « Je suis sang » (2001), she rose to international fame because of « Quando » l'uomo principale è una donna (2004), the solo Jan Fabre created specifically for (and with) her, well-known for its olive oil-drenched stage.Fabre's rencent production, Orgy of Tolerance explored the boundaries of normality in a society where everything is available and for sale and was considered "an absurdist satire of our shameless world of excess." This very successful production toured worldwide. Apart from working with Fabre, she also collaborated with Ultima Vez (« The Day of Heaven and Hell »), Jan Lauwers|Needcompany (« Images of Affection »), Grace Ellen Barkey (Few Things), Riina Saastamoinen (« Cry Me a River ») and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui ("Foi").The strength of this solo lies in its constant shifts: from man to woman, from human to animal, from straight line to circle, from rolling, sliding movements to rising slowly upright, like a tree that grows more and more branches...Choreographer Jan Fabre and Lisbeth Gruwez Dancer Lisbeth Gruwez The inspiration for this piece was the anthropometric acts by Yves Klein in which bodies were used as living paintbrushes.

The dancer herself also alternates ritualistic transformations with a juggler's and conjuror's tricks.Il nostro salone è un luogo altamente specializzato nei trattamenti curativi e ristrutturanti, e nella rivendita di prodotti professionali delle marche più famose quali Revlon, American Crew, Farmaca International.Sai che di un uomo Non puoi capire Se lo puoi amare Io sono solo Tu sei una donna Io sono un uomo Mi hai voluto bene Mi hai voluto bene Mi hai voluto bene Sai che una donna Non puoi capire Se la puoi amare Tu sei da sola Io sono un uomo Tu sei una donna Ti ho voluto bene Ti ho voluto bene Ti ho voluto bene Ti ho voluto bene Sai che una donna Non puoi capire Se sarà donna Se sarà madre Se tu sei un uomo Saprai valere Tu come uomo?Jan Fabre is renowned for expanding the horizons of every genre to which he applies his artistic vision.In the late 1970s, the still very young Jan Fabre caused a furore as a performance artist.

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