Updating dataset with grid

Posted by / 10-Jul-2019 19:11

Updating dataset with grid

Due to this initially setting a grouped column via the Column Settings option, even when the Group By’s Type option is set to Local, is not supported since the Grid Model will try to sort the data before sending it to the client. You can download it from the page below and it is also included in ASP.

Remote Sorting and Filtering can be implemented by manually handling the request and processing the data of the method.

It has 46,000 or so rows which I know is a lot, but it was filtering okay in ng-grid.

I was using a custom filter to filter the origin and destination countries but now I converted to use the new ui-grid and the built-in filter.

There may be a more efficient way to find the "unfound" rows - like perhaps keeping a copy of the old rows array, and removing each row from them as it's found perhaps. It's always at the top of the complexity and un-maintainability chart on plato.

Another option is to create an indexable dictionary, but I'm pretty sure that it's not a good option for mobile devices since it would produce a lot of memory allocation.

Probably in the future we will make a Web Worker for this, so I will tell you how it goes then and we can make a PR if you want.

I've been running through various optimizations (i.e.

'fast Watch' and 'flat Entity Access') to my grid setup that loads up approx 42K records with 8 columns of data and noticed that after sorting just one column, and then typing a four letter word in one of the filters, the filtering was triggered at different points in my tests.

updating dataset with grid-32updating dataset with grid-90updating dataset with grid-64

Note: The fields of the custom type Customer must match the type and key of the Data Columns of the Data Table that they represent.

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