Updating driving licence ed chace dating

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Updating driving licence

It is important you make sure that your address is correctly recorded with the Department of Transport and Main Roads. If you are the holder of a Queensland licence you cannot have an interstate residential address but you can have an interstate postal address.

If you wish to use a third party debit or credit card for payment, then the third party must be present in person to make the payment.The original marriage or civil partnership certificate must be submitted together with the certified translation.Otherwise, you will need to submit Photographic ID in your married name or two official documents from the list that we accept for Evidence of Address or PPSN that show you've been using your married name for two years on the date of application at the NDLS centre.You will need to attend in person at any NDLS centre with the following documentation: If you have more questions on this please email [email protected] telephone 1890 40 60 40 Please note if you have supplied a medical to obtain existing licence/permit (101 notation on licence/permit) and terms of licence / permit are not being altered you may submit the NDLS Medical by Post to: Medical Fitness – Driver Licensing, Road Safety Authority, Primrose Hill, Dublin Road, Ballina, Co. It is accepted that there will be some wear and tear of licences and permits, particularly those in paper format, such as fraying or smudging.However if a licence/permit is significantly damaged, the applicant will be required to make a Garda declaration (see question *** of the application form) and to present another approved photographic ID when presenting at the NDLS centre.

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