Updating filteredaccount view

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Updating filteredaccount view

permissions for the data center in which her new virtual machine will reside.

This is because to create a new virtual machine, she needs to make changes to several components within the data center, including creating the virtual machine disk image in the storage domain. As a Power User for a data center, Penelope can log in to the User Portal and perform virtual machine-specific actions on virtual machines within the data center.

However, if the host administrator role is assigned to a user on a data center, the user gains permissions to perform host operations on all hosts within the cluster of the data center. This enables her to manage all virtual machines in the cluster, since the virtual machines are child objects of the cluster.

Managing the virtual machines includes editing, adding, or removing virtual resources such as disks, and taking snapshots.

A complex security model could include Filtered views are a great way to create reports in a supported fashion which won’t break in future releases.

The advantage of the security being applied to the report means your reports won’t show data the user isn’t mean to see.

So what is the alternative to accessing CRM data using SQL if you shouldn’t access the data directly?

Microsoft have created a filtered view for each database table and Microsoft will make sure these work even after future releases, rollups and services packs.

As per corporate policy, Penelope needs to use a particular application for recruitment tasks.

Microsoft avoid tight coupling and unmanaged complexity (one of the deadly sins of complex code – read more The problems with complex code and complex CRM Customizations) by limiting access to the database to CRM online doesn’t allow any access to filtered views, the reason (obvious when you think about it) is because you do not have access to the CRM database, which is quite a limitation to the reporting options for CRM online deployments because they will all have to be fetch XML.

In the (good) old days (warning Hosk you are starting to sound like an OLD CRM man) of CRM 2011 and versions of CRM below the CRM database use to have a base and an extended table for entity.

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Upon investigating how the CRM2011 cache is managed - there is a Notifications table in the MSCRM_CONFIG database that includes entries that instruct CRM to clear cache items.

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If you have been a CRM developer for a length of time then you will certainly come across filtered views and they are useful and definitely something you should learn more about, particularly if you are going to be writing reports or accessing the CRM database directly.