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We are extremely grateful to a dedicated team of staff who remained onsite during this incredible storm to keep the Intrepid safe.

The rise in the Hudson River due to Hurricane Sandy caused flooding and damage to our Welcome Center and Intrepid’s power sources.

Some even suggest we should remove the package from Ubuntu to save confusion. Reason: No such file or directory hibernate: [90] Executing Modules Load ... Hi, Thanks for the information, this doesn't look like a problem with hibernate, at the very least it's a uswsusp problem as s2disk isn't working. I'm closing this bug report, but if you find a bug in any component then please open a bug on that.

Running hibernate with the option "-v4" should give you more output that may help you diagnose what is going on. hibernate: [89] Executing Restore Kernel Modprobe ... Thanks, James There's clearly a problem (for at least me) regarding how the various hibernation configuration files are handled by the Hardy to Intrepid upgrade process, but I'm not sure what the best way is to report that...

$ sudo hibernate hibernate: Warning: Tuxonice binary signature file not found.

As a result, loss of all power caused the Space Shuttle Pavilion to deflate.He has worked with global clients and in various industries, including IT, education, defense and space research, and the nonprofit sector. Binary package hint: hibernate Just to note that doing an upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid (using update-manager -d) broke hibernate for me on my Toshiba Portege R100.Thanks, James Thanks James: I'd assumed that hibernate did what the Gnome User Switcher's hibernate option did (the GUI route doesn't work either - hence me looking for a command line equivalent for easier debugging). hibernate: [01] Executing New Kernel File Check ... OK - I'm not so much worried about figuring out the problem for me as for noting that currently Hardy to Intrepid upgrades will break the hibernate configuration for at least some users, assuming that this behaviour isn't due to something specific to my installation. hibernate: [10] Executing Ensure USuspend Cmodules hibernate: [95] Executing XHacks Suspend Hook2 ...

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