Updating projects and events from previous versions of imovie

Posted by / 02-Aug-2019 10:07

Updating projects and events from previous versions of imovie

A number of my students' ipads are not able to run i Movie as it quits immediately after opening. I've called Apple, but they don't have an answer.

I'd delete it and add again, but the students have projects in the app.

It is simply Apple's basic video editing software, designed for the amateur users.

The software gets you right into the action, especially if you are using an i Phone, i Pad, a camcorder or digital camera.

If you look at recent apps the i Movie is in there but when you select it it crashes again. had the students install the app from self serve.... jss version was updated yesterday v9.97.1488392992 for this bug fix: [PI-002627] Fixed an issue that caused mobile device apps to reinstall if there are duplicate app entries in the App Catalog and one entry is an older version, regardless of scope.

We have tried re-install option out of self-service but that didn't work, only solution was to delete the app and install it again out of self-service. I will update the other two deployments and report back.

You can delete i Movie old libraries which are stored on your Mac and stored on an external hard drive.

When you first open i Movie on your Mac, you are asked to update your existing i Movie projects and events.

Once you have updated to i Movie, the copies of the original 'i Movie Events' and 'i Movie Projects' folders are left in place.

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All of our i Pads affected were running i OS10.2.1.