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Captured in the LMS, these activities should be recorded in a validated system, but the company may think otherwise and decide that development programs created to measure the overall performance or goals of this employee do not have to be stored in this validated system.During a typical GMP on-site inspection, an FDA investigator may request to assess the qualifications of an employee and the auditing team would have to present the history and documentation of qualification.To accommodate this request, any job function training and qualification training would have to exist in the platform component that meets 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, whereas development and performance management activities would exist in a non-validated environment.In order to simplify the validation process, IT and QA experts at UL Edu Neering have proposed a new model, where a Talent Management Suite of applications are segmented between the “Performance Management Record” and the “Learning and Qualification Record” for individual employees.Several aspects of a “Talent Management Suite” can be exploited by HR teams to develop performance management programs for employees, and leadership programs for managers in the manufacturing production or operations departments.

The validation effort is quantified in sunk costs, such as the time required by salaried validation and IT teams as well as adding many months to deploy the software.When a worker takes part in development and performance management activities, these should not affect the qualification of the said employee, and should fall beyond the validated condition.This article describes a model through which FDA-regulated organizations can confirm the LMS part, instead of the whole TMS, which could contain tools focusing on competency management, performance management, and goal setting.The QA and IT validation teams as well as the TMS sponsors, which often include the HR team, can realize several benefits by directing the validation effort on the “qualification record.” According to FDA, “validation” is defined as the establishment of “ FDA states that validation of computer systems is a documented, formalized procedure used for testing computer systems and software needed by Federal Regulations (21 CFR 11.10.a).The Production and Process Controls regulations [21 CFR 820.70] include the validation requirements for medical device companies which state: “When computers or automated data processing systems are used as part of production or the quality system, the manufacturer shall validate computer software for its intended use according to an established protocol.

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