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However, Mexican crime groups also earn huge profits in the prostitution industry and have forcibly kidnapped women to traffic them across the border into the U. “It’s the third most profitable market after drugs and small arms for organized crime,” said Teresa Incháustegui, former director of the National Women’s Institute in Mexico City and representative to Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies.

In terms of investigating, prosecuting, and preventing sexual violence against women, Carlos told WMC’s Women Under Siege that having data and critical pathways identified and understood “is the only way to measure impunity.” The difficulty in Mexico is that police and morgue officials are not required to collect essential categories of information, such as whether a female murder victim was sexually assaulted or whether there was mutilation or signs of torture on her body.

(The Mexican term “feminicide” differs from “femicide” because the translation of “femicide” in Spanish is simply Nenetzin Rojastells, an environmentalist from Petatlan in the southwest of Mexico, tells journalists her mother disappeared in December 2011 during a trip to Mexico City for a meeting on peace and security. The level of brutal violence being waged upon Mexican women seems misplaced in a country that is a 1981 signatory of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which the United States has yet to sign.

However, the combination of traditional, narrow gender roles, the growing normalization of violence, and the continued lack of political will and resources from the Mexican government have resulted in an enormous spike in sexualized violence against women.

In 1888, while Jack the Ripper went about sadistically murdering a number of lower-class London sex workers, halfway across the world in the northern suburbs of Mexico City, a lesser-known man named Francisco Guerrero, a.k.a.

“El Chalequero,” was preying upon poor women in a similarly vicious and calculated manner.

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Few remember Guerrero; his crimes hardly garnered the same attention as the British serial killer’s.

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