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Ms Baker said Cook and the co-accused woman arrived at the tattooist's home, where a woman was staying, and he opened the door after initially refusing the pair entry.The co-accused "barged in armed with a metal bar”, Cook followed and both said "their piece, essentially, about the complainant's infidelity and about the tattoo industry”."[The co-accused] used actual violence, that is punching, and she was of course armed with that metal bar as well,” Ms Baker continued."The defendant did not use actual violence but is party to that aspect of the offending ...Tuesday's American Idol featured the top 10 contestants performing songs from the year they were born.

The barrister, instructed by ATSILS, said it was fortunate the victim's injuries were minor.The East Mackay woman fronted Mackay District Court on Tuesday; her voice faltering as she pleaded guilty to entering a dwelling with intent at night and using violence, assault occasioning bodily harm while armed and in company, two counts of deprivation of liberty and stealing (tattooing equipment).Crown prosecutor Alex Baker told the court a second woman "was charged, but wasn't as well known to the complainants and ultimately the matter was the subject of a successful no case application at committal”.The prosecutor said the tattooist and the second victim were kept in the cabin during the robbery, which led to the deprivation of liberty charges."The complainant ...did manage to escape the cabin, he managed to drive off, police were contacted,” she said.

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