Wiikey 1 9s updating

Posted by / 03-Feb-2019 13:38

Wiikey 1 9s updating

Do you update the wiikey 1.9s firmware the exact same way Wiikey 1.9g was done...???Cheers Shagga Well not knowing how you did the 1.9g update I can't answer that part of your question.

if you got to the loading part id figure the chip has done its part, but the problem is likely laser related.

The code breakdown: Playing Retro games on an original console is always preferred to get the real feel of the game with authentic controls, video and sounds.

You can hot swap the memory cards after a read is complete or have another SD Gecko card in the other GC memory slot.

Copy DOL Game files from the PC to a 2gb SD Card.2.

Preparing a SD card from Windows, you'll have to Google the two files and download.

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